Careers blog for PPLS – I’m getting started – are you?

Hello – I’m Janet from the Careers Service – welcome to my PPLS careers blog.

I’ll be posting regularly on  career themes I think are most relevant to PPLS students. Your career interests and issues will be as varied as the subjects you study, so some posts will be more relevant to you than others.

However, I hope to offer something for everyone in due course, and please do give me your feedback and comments, let me know if there’s a topic you’d like me to blog about – make this a conversation.

As this is me ‘getting started’ on the PPLS careers blog, maybe a good theme for this first blog is ‘getting started’ with ideas for your future after graduation.

A good place to start is to ‘Explore Your Options’  – get inspiration from recent graduates in your subject, and discover where your degree can take you – explore the wealth of opportunities out there.

Or alternative, start with a bit of self-analysis – use the Careers Report and Prospects Planner to help you work through what you want from your career, and the skills, interests and abilities you have to bring to the work place. Get started on finding the right future direction for you.

Enough for today – this is only ‘getting started’ after all. Enjoy exploring – there’s more to the Careers Service website than most people think – and do get back to me with comments, ideas and suggestions for developing this blog.

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