Psychology careers – getting started

If you’re studying psychology and considering becoming a professional psychologist, a great place to start your research is the Occupations information on psychology careers on the Careers Service website, . Not only do we have information and advice on the different professional areas of psychology, all the relevant links, including to the BPS with its wealth of knowledge and information, but we also have contact details for people working in the profession you can talk to about their work!

Known as our Career Contacts, (viewable from the University of Edinburgh domain only)these are people who are happy to talk to you about the work they do, and offer advice on best steps to take to get into the profession. Often our alumni, they are a great way to find out more about the different areas of psychology, to help you make more informed choices about your future.

Complementing our online information, why not call into the Careers Service on 3rd floor of Main Library, and view our paper-based psychology careers information too, or browse the Psychology Student Employability Guide for more career inspiration, or view it here, (only a relatively smaller percentage of psychology graduates go on to become professional psychologists). And of course you can talk to a careers adviser about anything to do with preparing for your future  after graduation.

As a taster of what you may find in the files, there’s information and advice on applying for clinical psychology training in general, and Edinburgh in particular, from a recent interview with one of our clinical psychology contacts.

So, online or in the Careers Service – get researching to sort out your future!

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