Finals nearly over…what next?

You’ve crossed the finishing line, or at least the end is in sight, after four years of University life – sometimes stimulating and sometimes no doubt hard slog – your days of study have come to an end, for the time being at least, unless you’ve signed up for more study at PG level.

So definitely time to celebrate the end of exam revision, essay and dissertation deadlines, project working. And some of you will be celebrating the start of your career, and a new phase in your life.

However, by no means all of you will have secured work yet, for a whole variety of reasons, including:

  • the area you’re interested in tends to recruit on an needs basis, and not in advance,
  • you were too wrapped up in your studies to give your career too much attention and you plan to start your research now
  • the difficult job market much trumpetted in the media (though we are advertising more jobs on our vacancy database SAGE now, than we were this time last year, so keep looking, there are jobs out there)
  • ……and others.

If you do feel you’re facing a black hole after graduation, and are not sure what to do next, take a look at the support we offer graduates now, and up to 2 years after graduation. You can read all about it in the lastest edition of our newsletter, and includes the Graduate Recruitment Fair on 29th May, our ‘Pick & Mix’ graduate support, and all the other services we offer – information resources, an individual discussion with a careers adviser, vacancy information, in the UK and abroad, help with applications and interviews, and more.

And for information and advice specific to PPLS students, plus inspiration from PPLS graduates, take a look at the careers web pages developed especially for your subject, which include careers information and guides specifically tailored to your subject, and case studies of recent PPLS alumni .

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