Philosophy – where can it lead?

If asked to list the skills that philosophy develops in those who study it, how high up would you put Creativity? For Edinburgh philosophy graduate Ryan Seville, now MD of the media company Inkerman Road, it was tops,along with organisation and self-motivation. Find out how else Ryan developed the skills and experience to set up his own media company, whilst studying philosophy here, by listening to him talking at the PPLS alumni event in February 2012.

So studying philosophy, and a passion for film, led Ryan to setting up his own successful media company.

For lawyer Thomas Herd, philosophy at Edinburgh ‘gave me a really good foundation for tackling legal arguments in a logical way and the skills to distil complex issues for clients’.

For an IT consultant with Accenture, philosophy at Edinburgh developed:

  • important analytical skills while understanding highly complex theory and articles
  • concise writing skills as I whittled down those essays to under 2000 words
  • interpersonal skills as I worked with others on my courses to produce project work.

These skills are now vital to his work as he needs to be able to:

  • quickly read and understand highly technical documentation,
  • write material which must be very concise (or people get bored very quickly)
  • work with others on a daily basis to deliver quality work and meet deadlines.

So where will Philosophy lead you? Your predecessors above had identified the skills they developed, and how they now use them in diverse career areas. For more inspiration from others, find out what recent Edinburgh philosophy graduates (view restricted to Edinburgh domain) have gone on to do, and your options with a philosophy degree.

Making informed career decisions can take time, and you’ll need to consider the skills you’re developing, your interests, the things that motivate you, and investigate where these can lead you. For further help:

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