The psychologist and a diverse career path

I recently attended an event for careers staff about opportunities in the area of human rights. As well as covering options with organisations such as Justice, Reprieve and Liberty, there was also a very interesting presentation from a Diversity Consultant, Simon, who had studied psychology at university. Via a career in local government, community education and diversions into policy, he ended up as a diversity officer with a local authority, then set up on his own as a consultant.

He listed the following skills and qualities as necessary for success:

  • Excellent communication skills and ability to build relationships and empahtise with a wide variety of people
  • Ability to spot discrimination
  • Neutrality – you cant allow your prejudices to influence you
  • Comfortable with paperwork and administration
  • Don’t make assumptions – that you know best, of that others know what they are talking about
  • Never be afraid to ask questions
  • Adaptability
  • Be prepared to make mistakes
  • Best intensions may be wrong
  • Good sales ability – you have to sell diversity to people, and know when to persuade or cajole

Read more about his diverse career – and other opportunites with human rights organisations (not all for law graduates) in the following document. Careers Related to Human Rights, Durham July 2012 final

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