Internships, monastic and otherwise, and gaining work experience

As I was preparing for work this morning, with half an ear on the radio, my attention was grabbed by a piece on Monastic internships – not something I’ve ever encountered in all my dealings with internships over the years. So if it’s a period of quiet contemplation, a beautiful location, plus experience in gardening, catering, hospitality you’re after, this could be just the thing.

However, if it’s other experience you’re looking for, check out the internship information on the Careers Service website. Internships during your studies are a great way of gaining vital experience to put you ahead in the job market, and testing out different job areas for the future. They come in different shapes and forms, and in a variety of career areas – find ones that suits you and your interests.

For other ways of gaining experience, take a look at the volunteering section of our website.

Remember that when it comes to applying for jobs or vocational courses at the end of your studies, relevant experience can make all the difference to your chances of success. So start developing that experience now, if you haven’t already started.

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