Be a STAR – shine in your applications and interviews

It’s start of semester, (as if you really need reminding!), and also start of the recruitment season for the big organisations – the ones with those awkward questions……

‘Tell me about a time when you worked in a team….

….when your communication skills contributed to the success of an event……

….when you solved a difficult (non-academic) problem…..

yes, I’m talking about those competency questions which appear with such regularity on  application forms, and come back to haunt you at interview!

The main reason for coming unstuck with these questions is to be too descriptive, with little or no analysis.

You need to be a STAR!

  • S – a brief description of the Situation
  • T – outline the Task to be done
  • A – talk through the Action you took (NB you, not we, in team questions)
  • R – what was the Result of your actions

For examples of STARdom, read our Applications booklet online, or pick up a copy at the Careers Service

Whether in writing or verbally at the interview, if you stick to being a STAR, you wont go far wrong.

Find out more on applications and interviews via our web resources (advice, downloads and videos), or call in and browse our information resources.

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