Lexicography hits the headlines – amazeballs!

It’s not that often that lexicography hits the headlines, but it did earlier this month when Collins, the dictionary people, added some new words to its on-line dictionary. Words such as ‘amazeballs’, ‘blootered’, ‘ego-surfer’ etc, were flying around on the BBC as I woke up one morning, and immediately caught my attention. Words which have come into common parlance in recent years have been added to the dictionary at the suggestion of the public, and caused great interest in the media for a few hours, and gave the profession of Lexicographer its 15 minutes of fame.

This is one of the career options where your back ground in English and Linguistics will be of great value, and if you want to follow your  love of words and the evolution of language, have great attention to detail and are happy with technology and rooting around in databases for meaning-comparisons etc, find out more via the Lexicography job profile.

For more ideas on where your LEL degree can take you, read about Options with English and Linguistics.

Of course, you’re graduating in the UK, and unlike many countries, many job areas are open to graduates of any discipline – you’re not straight-jacketed by your degree. So if you want to do something completely different, very often you can! You just have to work out your direction (often easier said than done!). To get you started, consult my previous blog and take a look at the Career Planning section of our website. Or come and see us at the Careers Service – we’re always delighted to help you sort out your next steps.

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