Job Hunting and Social Media

Once upon a time, if you were looking for a job at the end of your studies, you’d look in the specialist graduate job directories or the classified section of the newspapers or relevant journals, run through the adverts, and apply (successfully of course) for interesting jobs whose salary would keep you in the manner to which you were accustomed, and you lived happily ever after.

As with most fairy stories, the reality was a bit different even back in the day when there were less graduates, more vacancies, and an apple was a piece of fruit, not a gleam in Steve Jobs’ eye. Today the reality of tracking down vacancies is even more different.

Yes, you can still find printed copies of graduate job directories (Prospects, Targetjobs etc) in the Careers Service – free to all students, though they are a shadow of their former selves. Much of their content has gone to their online equivalent (see above).

And newpapers journals still advertise many vacancies, though again, much is in their online versions.

Person holding phoneThe latest newcomer on the block is Social Media, particularly for the areas of work which traditionally used ‘networking’ for recruitment – including media, publishing, advertising and marketing, all areas which have attracted PPLS students in the past. Via Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs for instance, followers are instantly alerted to opportunities and able to respond. For example, for potential publishers, the blog Diary of a Publishing Intern regularly posts opportunities for internships and experience.

You can also use social media to explore different career areas and make connections.Man at laptop

To help you use social media in the career research and job hunting, we’ve produced some guidelines to help you to:

Other ways of job-hunting haven’t gone away of course, Social Media is just one more way of doing it, and is still in its infancy in some career areas. Different career-areas recruit in different ways – you’ll need to research how your chosen career-areas recruit. 

To make sure you know all the different ways of sleuthing job opportunities (both advertised, and otherwise), use the job-hunting resources on our website. And dont forget to use the Occupations section of our website too – many of the websites linked under the different occupations carry adverts for that specific area of work.

For the best chance of tracking down your dream job and ensuring your fairy story has a happy ending- use all the relevant resources highlighted above to track down opportunites.

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