Flying Rhinos and other work experience opportunities …..

Browsing the upcoming events in the Careers Service for the rest of semester, I was startled by reference to Flying Rhinos (flying pigs, yes, but rhinos?!). Further investigation revealed this to be an opportunity to get involved with conservation projects via the organisation ‘On African Soil’, open to all years and subjects. With its range of opportunities to suit a variety of interests, you may just find the adventure of a lifetime. If it’s whetted your appetite, come along to the presentation by ‘On African Soil’ on Weds 28th November. On African soil logo

If you’re looking for a different sort of experience – check out our Internships and Work Experience opportunities and advice, or get Volunteering to make a difference, have fun, and gain experience. Whether it’s connected to your future career plans, or broadening your horizon, it’s productive to use your long vacations to gain experience. Summer may seem a distant dream, especially in the current dreich weather, but it pays to plan ahead, so start researching options now. If you need help in tracking down relevant opporuties (depending on the type of experience you want, you may need to be very proactive to find what you’re looking for), come and see us at the Careers Service – we’ll support you with your research.

For building up relevant experience for psychology-related careers – look at the suggestions in the booket – What can I do with my Psychology degree?

Even if you don’t see Flying Rhinos – make sure you have a summer to remember  – and to draw on in your applications and CV – next year.

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