Hold the front page…..explore a career in journalism……

A recent edition of  Guardian Careers had a useful article on the changing nature of journalism careers, and how to succeed, including:

  • building your experience – making sure you have a publishing record via involvement in student publication or broadcasting, developing your own blog etc
  • keeping your skills up to date, as new technology and social media is at the heart of modern journalism
  • developing the right mindset – being focussed and endlessly curious.

 …….read more via this Guardian journalism careers article.

Use the Careers Service resources to investigate different areas including broadcast, newspaper, magazine journalism. Find industry insights, links to professional bodies, details of journalism training course, vacancy sites, and more.

And if you’re not already, get involved in writing for publication, or in broadcasting, in some way,  …… via the various student publications and Fresh Air FM, writing for websites, your own blog, local radio stations ……… so you’re developing your journalism/writing/broadcasting portfolio. You’ll need evidence of your ability not only when applying for jobs in this area, but also for training courses. As a former Edinburgh English graduate, now a senior journalist for the BBC, reported,

‘Much of my professional experience in areas such as teamwork, organisation and influencing people was gained by working at the Student Newspaper – it also taught me problem solving and a lot of my knowledge of IT.

So hone your investigative skills by researching this career area in-depth, so you can file your report to journalism recruiters and course providers on just why they should take you on.

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