Reading Hour, Book Week and related careers…….

I’ve been trying to work out whether I’ll get away with taking part in The Reading Hour tomorrow at 11 am, as part of Book Week Scotland. However, my interviewee may be less than impressed with the service if I just sit there engrossed in Song of Achilles (my book-group’s current read) rather than guiding them through their career plans. So I’ll probably have to postpone my reading hour till after work, despite the temptation to follow the illustration below, on the Reading Hour website.

If you’ve ever thought you’d like to earn your living via the pen (or keyboard) then the Scottish Book Trust website is a good place to start for inspiration and support. With a whole section devoted to writing and getting published, (writing support groups, tips for writing novel synopsis, finding literary agents, writing submission letters – and more…) there’s plenty to get you going. For more on writing as a career, take a look at the Careers Service resources too, covering a range of different types of writing, from screen to technical to travel, and journalism.

And if you love the medium, but dont want to write yourself, explore the range of careers associated with writing – from publishing to bookselling to promoting to library work to social media to lexicography, and more. Explore the options and find where you fit. Use the links above, or call into the Careers Service to use our resources and consult our information staff – experts in sleuthing the answers to your information queries.

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