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Careering through Christmas

The end of semester and the year is nigh, the festive season is almost upon us, time to celebrate certainly, and also a good time for reflection – and resolutions. Once the parties are over, presents shared,  Christmas fare devoured, … Continue reading

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Will you value your career?

A recent debate about the current topical issue of tax avoidance on the R4 Today programme got me thinking about the role our values play, along with our skills, interests and motivators, when considering our future career-direction. The 2 interviewees, Mary Monfries, head of … Continue reading

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Research by numbers – careers with quantitative methods

If you’ve enjoyed the research methods aspect of your degree, particularly quantitative research, you may be interested to read about the wide range of careers using quantitative research methods. Quantitative social scientists work as advisors and analysts for the government, and … Continue reading

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A year in the (career planning) life of a PPLS masters student……

You’re here to study an aspect of your favourite PPLS subject, you’re absorbed, fascinated by your studies, the year will go soooo quickly…… and then what? That gaping black hole in your future which appears out of nowhere when you … Continue reading

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