New Year, new networking opportunites – plus free refreshments…..


Networking (not nepotism or anything related to it) is a great way of sharing ideas and information, meeting like-minded people, and who knows where that may lead. Many job and study opportunities develop this way – see previous post from PPLS grad )

The first EUSA Postgrad Network event of the year is tonight, Weds 16th Jan at 6pm in Teviot Dining Room:

“Come and enjoy a glass of wine, network with postgrads from across the University – and with representatives from the various support services for postgrads at the University. A great way to start off the new Semester and ease back into study!”


Then later in semester (date to be finalised), two of my colleague Sharon Maguire and Darcey Gillie, will be hosting a networking breakfast from 8.30-9.30am in Teviot Dining Room.  Free breakfast and networking all before 9.30 – what a way to start your day! Come along and find out how talking to people can help you develop your career.  I’ll be posting information on the exact date and how to book as soon as it goes live.

So Happy Networking, and Happy New Year!

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