Updated – My Psychology degree, ….where next?

Fresh for the new semester – the updated booklet

My Psychology Degree where next Aug 2013

Where will your Philosophy degree lead you?

Where will your Philosophy degree lead you?

Designed to accompany the talk I’m giving on ‘What do Psychology graduates do?’ on 7th Feb, 1-2pm F21, 7 George Square, (booking information to follow by email) this booklet is packed with useful information, advice and resources to help your career exploration.

contents include:

–  starting points and further information about career areas related to the study of psychology, including the main professional psychology careers (clinical, counselling, educational, forensic, health, occupational, sport & exercise, cognitive neuroscience), and areas where your degree subject may be useful.

– information on relevant work experience for students wanting to become professional psychologists

– how to explore options open to any graduate, regardless of discipline. After all, only about 20% of psychology graduates in the UK go on to become professional, chartered psychologist, so many of you will be exploring other options.

I’ll look forward to seeing you on 7th Feb.

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