Interview advice – from the bus?!

No, I’m not writing this post on the bus, though travelling home by bus recently, I did receive a text from a friend’s daughter in the south of England, a recent graduate. She had a telephone interview coming up, could I help? (careers advisers are never really off duty!) Luckily I knew we had some great resources on our website, so I directed her by text to our Telephone Interviews booklet, and emphasized that all face-to-face interview advice was also relevant, except you only have your tone of voice to convey your interest, enthusiasm etc.

I’m very pleased to say that text advice from the bus was successful – she read our materials online, and got through to the next stage!

This is a busy time for interviews – whether it’s for graduate schemes, internships, further study or other positions.  You may be facing telephone or face-to-face interviews,  selection tests and assessment centres – or all of these! Get prepared by coming along to our talks, workshops or practice sessions .

Or take a look at all our online advice and resources on the different sorts of interviews you may face, including booklets to download and DVDs to watch (via the Edinburgh domain). And book a practice interview with a careers adviser – invaluable preparation for the real thing.

Key advice for interviews:

  • re-research the role and organisation you’ve applied for – be able to talk knowledgeably about them – you’ve already convinced them through your written application.
  • know why you want the job, and why you’ll be good at it – have evidence for all your skills and competencies (see previous post on Being a STAR at your interview)
  • Anticipate questions you may be asked and practice articulating answers –  so different  from just thinking through or writing answers
  • positive body language – a smile, good eye contact and enthusiastic tone go a long way!
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