Wordy work experience…….

……..for penultimate year students, via language consultancy The Writer , 11-12th April, 2013.

If you’re interested in making a career out of writing for business, The Writer team will  show you how by  giving you writing exercises, linguistic brainstorms and home-made pecha kuchas (yes, I had to look it up!). You may get to work on a live project too.

Keep reading if:

  • You already write for your course (who doesn’t – you’re students!)
  • You write in your spare time too
  • You write for a student paper, mag or journal, a blog, or fiction……
  • You’re a bit of a word geek
  • You’ve a tendency to get excited or properly riled up by all kinds of writing. From tube ads to tubes of toothpaste, Booker Prize winners to Charlie Brooker.

If that sounds like you – read on ……

Send  300 words to The Writer telling them why they should pick you (and a way for them to get in touch with you) to pickme@thewriter.com . Make sure ‘Word Experience’ and your name are in your subject line. And get it to them by 28th February 2013.

And to find out about other ways of writing your career – explore different aspects of writing, journalism, screenwriting – and more – via our online information sources, and recent posts on screenwriting and social media and your writing career.

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