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If you’ve ever looked at what graduates from English and philosophy degrees go on to do next, you’ll find advertising /marketing high on the list of the many and varied jobs which they get into. Plenty of Edinburgh psychology grads find creative uses for their skills in this area too. And if you’ve done any research at all into the profession, you’ll know just how important experience is for getting your started.

So when 50 internship opportunities come along at once, you know it’s worth taking a look! Creative Pioneers ( a partnership of the IPA – Institute of Practitioners in Advertising -Metro, and more), are currently looking for 50 interns with a variety of small-medium sized advertising, creative and digital companies. And the countdown is on – when I last looked at their countdown clock, you had 4 days – and ticking down fast –  to apply (CD 18th Feb, 12 noon).

So if you have an angle on advertising, social media campaigns are your thing, or you can get very creative with digital media – take a look at what’s being offered via Creative Pioneers – it could be the start of your career.

Want to know more about these career areas? – make a start with the following…

And to check out whether you have an advertising brain – do the diagonal thinking test – do you have the right mindset!

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