Evidencing your research skills and experience for Clinical Psychology – some ideas

If you’re considering a career as a clinical psychologist you’ll know how important it is to have evidence of relevant research and experience to enable you to apply for the D.Clin. Psych.  Along with experience through paid work and volunteering, I thought it may be useful to flag up some of the Masters courses at the university which would be useful for developing your research skills, and enhancing your experience and knowledge. Though study at Masters level isn’t essential for applying for the D.Clin.Psych, it can be useful.

As well as relevant psychology masters  run  in PPLS  check out what’s on offer via the School of Health in Social Science.

Here you’ll find details of the 1 year MSc in Applied Psychology for Children and Young People , enabling you on graduation to apply for Clinical Associate positions. This course is also good background experience for D.Clin.Psych applications.

You may also want to consider another new (ish) course here at Edinburgh, which has a very flexible approach.

The PGCert/PGDip/MSc in Children & Young People’s Mental Health and Psychological Practice,  is designed to work round you, your budget and your commitments. Offered at different levels, different time scales, and even module-by-module, you could take advantage of this course in different ways to enhance your study in psychological theories of child and adolescent mental health and their application with children, young people and families. Whether it was the whole course, or a particular module, it would give you more in-depth knowledge, and could run alongside volunteering or paid work experience in this area.

Although it wont give you a professional qualification, it can be used to enhance your career prospects in a variety of areas.  New grads are welcome to apply, provided you can demonstrate interest in the field and have experience of work with children and young people. Read the FAQs on the website for full details.

Check Prospects web for Psychology masters courses in other areas of the UK.

For more ideas on gaining experience plus useful websites for further exploration and job adverts check out the  Clinical Psychology entry from the booklet – My degree in Psychology, Where next?

And take a look at the Careers Service information on clinical psychology as a career, including  job profiles and career contacts – people you can talk to about their work as a clinical psychologist.

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