Teach First…………and then decide your next career move…….

For those about to graduate with English, Teach First is still looking for English graduates for their Teach First programme, to start summer 2013. (NB, for other routes into teaching, including via the PGDE/CE, TEFL, lecturing scroll down towards the end of this post).

If you like working with young people, have thought about teaching but weren’t sure about committing your whole career to it, like a challenge, and can evidence a whole host of relevant competencies (including resilience, empathy, leadership – read the rest here) Teach First may be just what you’re looking for.

Via their 2 year leadership programme you learn how to teach and lead, and come out as a qualified teacher with a Masters in Leadership or Education. You then decide whether to continue in teaching or enter another profession. The Teach First programme is an excellent springboard to a wide range of professional and management careers, as well as teaching, and Teach First graduates are highly prized by many different employers. Listen to graduates working in a range of areas from Transport for London to Accenture management consultancy to PwC professional services  to OWL tutors talk about their varied career paths after Teach First.

To find out more visit the Teach First website.

Of course the vast majority of graduates considering a career in teaching will still enter via the more traditional routes. A useful starting point is to read our ‘Where do I start? – Teaching in Schools’ leaflet, covering Scotland, England and Wales.

To explore this further, and also find out about lecturing in Higher and Further Education, and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL),  – and lots more – take a look at our online information resources on careers in education, come into the Careers Service and browse our files on teaching careers, or come and discuss the different routes with a Careers Adviser.

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