A stars and stripes summer – Internships in the USA

Here at the Careers Service we now subscribe to Internships USA, a listing of almost 3000 organisations offering internships in the US. This is a great resource to browse through, comes highly recommended by our colleagues at St. Andrews, and makes fascinating reading – but be warned, it doesn’t score highly on presentation and is not easy on the eye.

Have a look through it (only available via the Edinburgh domain as it’s password protected) via the USA section on our website , and allow yourself plenty of time to study the entries! The opportunities are arranged by type of organisation and presented as PDFs. Here are just some of the categories it covers:

  • Community and social services
  • Advertising internships
  • Washing law and policy internships
  • Media Internships
  • Internships with America’s Top Companies
  • The Resort Internship and Seasonal Employment Guide
  • Museum Internships

And if it’s too late for this summer, plan ahead and be prepared for next summer!

Highlight opportunities which interest you, make a note of their application deadlines, research the visa process, and use the coming year to gain as much relevant experience (eg working on the promotions/marketing team of a student society committee if you’re interested in an advertising internship) as possible to enhance your chances.

And for more on internships, work experience and vacation opportunities, check all our resources in the Looking for Work  and Working and Volunteering Internationally sections of our website.

Have a great experience this summer!

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