Funding for further study – a new resource to ease the pain…….

Many of you will be aware that it’s often much easier to get a place on a post-grad course, than to find any funding to do it. The lucky few will get scholarships and full funding via the research councils,  university scholarships etc.

However, for many, putting together a funding package for further study is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle: a bit of money from savings, some from part-time work, Career Development loans, passing the hat round the family, funding (often for a specific purpose – books, travel, equipment etc) from relevant grants and trusts, to name but a few of the pieces you can put together.

Trawling the books on grant-making trusts (we have a selection here in the Careers Service) was never an easy task. Hours of research to find opportunities for which you were eligible could turn up few application opportunities. And then it’s on to the application process………

So  I’m delighted to say we now have access here at Edinburgh to a searchable online database of grant-making trusts which will make the research part much easier, speeding up the process of identifying relevant trusts and charities.  You need to register to use it, and have an Edinburgh email to sign up. After that, it’s yours to explore!

And don’t forget to take a look at all our online resources for tracking down funding for study – from the Scholarship and Student Funding Service here at Edinburgh, to Vidcasts on tracking down funding.  You’ll find them all in the Further Study section of our website.

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