About to graduate – not sure what comes next……..?

…….read on!

Of course there are the lucky (or well-prepared, depending on your perspective!) ones who have sorted out their next steps and have a job or course lined up for them once they’ve had a well-earned rest after exams and the rigors of final year.

However, for some (quite a big ‘some’!) of you, there will be a looming black hole opening in front of you as you come to the end of your university degree, and don’t have much of an idea what to do next. This could be for a variety of reasons including:

  • decided to focus on degree during final year, and leave thinking about ‘what next’ till after exams
  • made a few applications but didn’t really know what you wanted to do, applications were not very focused, so nothing came of anything,
  • the career areas you are interested in do not recruit in advance (eg many media-related jobs), so only just starting to look at the job market,
  • haven’t got enough experience to get a foot in the door of areas you’re interested in,
  • buried head in sand and hoped having to make decisions about future would go away!

Whatever your reason for being uncertain about your next steps after graduation, the careers service is here to support you – all through the vacation (no, we don’t pack up and go on our hols all through the summer), and for the next 2 years . Come in and see us for help getting started and to plan your next steps, or select the scenario below which best fits your situation, and read on for inspiration and ways forward:

  • No idea what to do next …..
  • Some ideas – need more information – how do I get into my preferred areas – what experience do I need, how do I get it……?
  • Know what I want to do – need vacancy information and help with applications and interviews…..

No idea what to do next –

  1. After English – a website to help you think through your future after an English degree
  2. The employability guide for philosophy students –  a practical guide to help you identify and demonstrate the skills you’ve developed through your degree, to potential employers.
  3. Psychology student employability guide – careers, career-planning and case-studies for psychology students and graduates, in the psychology professions and beyond.
Some ideas – need more information? – research via
  •  our website www.ed.ac.uk/careers/occupations – get the lowdown on hundreds of different job areas, and how to get into them
  •  Careers information centre – take a look through our hard-copy information – files and reference books on everything from working as a professional psychologist, to getting into publishing, to policy work, civil service, advertising and marketing, speech therapy, legal profession……and sooooo much more
  • Appointment with an adviser – talk to us about your ideas – we’ll help you with your plans and research

Need vacancy sources and help with applications and interviews?

The above information and links should help you cover all bases – and to discuss your individual situation, dont forget to call in and see us, if you’re in the Edinburgh area – and a final reminder – we’re here for you for 2 years after graduation!

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