Why do Humanities matter…………..?

Just back from a magnificent holiday in Canada and ploughing through the inevitably huge backlog of emails, my attention was caught by an email heading – The Humanities Matter – which as students in humanities I’m sure you all agree with. However, quantifying and qualifying this is not always easy, whether that be to concerned parents, friends, employers ….. whoever……., convincing people of the value of your degree in ‘the real world’, (whatever that is) can be problematic.

Now however, our clever friends at 4Humanities and UCL Centre for Digital Humanities have come up with a fascinating infograph which will arm you with all the arguments you could need to convince people of just why your degree really does matter, in whatever world you want to consider – government, financial, social, legal, retail, charity etc etc – even the ‘real’ world!

Not only does study of the humanities encourage social justice, equality, empathy, understanding, critical thinking, logical thinking and creativity, you also perform well in society and the workplace too.

Take a look and be justly proud of what you achieve – though I’m sure you are anyway.

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