Retail as a career – it’s far more than the shop floor

If your idea of retail as a career only extends as far as the part-time jobs you’ve had to make ends meet during your studies, which you cant wait to quit as soon as something better comes along, then maybe we can persuade you to think again!

The wider retail area employs large numbers of graduates, in areas as varied as marketing, distribution, finance, IT, buying, customer service,…. and more.

To help you explore the wide range of opportunities beyond the shop floor, the Careers Service is putting on a new event this October ‘Careers in Retail – beyond the shop floor’ (Weds 23rd Oct, 6-8pm, Business School). 

And one of our own psychology grads, now working for the customer science organisation Dunhumbie , will be there talking about his own and other roles with Dunhumbie, and how he puts his psychology degree to good use in his career.

Plus a range of organisations from different areas of retail, from Abercrombie & Fitch to Sainsbury via Majestic Wines and Harvey Nics.

And use our online resources to research retail career options in depth.

So don’t dismiss retail – find out what all the options are within it – you may be surprised just what you can do in the name of sales and shopping.

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