What type of employer would suit me? – research via the up-coming Fairs.

As well as finding types of work that suit your interests, skills and experience , finding an employer that chimes with your motivators is also important. The type of organisation you work for, their client base, size, working practice etc, has a big impact on whether you are happy in your work.

For example, you may be keen to use your skills and experience to start a career in marketing (as a recent PPLS grad did). But what type of organisation do you want to work in marketing for?

  • A big multi-national,
  • SME (Small/Medium-sized Enterprise),
  • a marketing agency,
  • public sector (yes, even universities have marketing departments – our is Communications and Marketing),
  • voluntary/charity sector………….

…..etc etc. Which type of employer best suits you will depend on your individual preferences and motivators.

Read more about different types of employers and their influence on your career in our Careers Service Guide, and further your research at our two Careers Fairs next week,  8-10th Oct, Adam House, each focusing on different types of employer.

Following a successful trial last year, our More Than Profit fair is back – the third day of the annual Careers Fair which has been in our October calendar for decades.

And the difference between the two events?

At the More than Profit event you’ll find :

  • UK based charities or NFPs providing information about paid and voluntary work  and internships
  • Social Enterprises and Social Service organisations
  • International Development and Environmental organisations
  • A range of talks and panel events on related themes, from Finding Paid Work in the Voluntary Sector, to Caring Careers, Social Enterprise, Sustainability and Conservation  working with DFID (Department For International Development) and more.

At the Careers Fair you’ll find:

  • larger graduate employers, many with graduate schemes and internships
  • Opportunities with SMEs (Small to Medium-sized Enterprises)
  • over 100 different exhibitors – different ones each day
  • employers and professional bodies from a variety of sectors
  • A range of talks on job-seeking skills, including using LinkedIn effectively, assessment centres, interviews etc.

So use these two Fairs next week not just to check out different types of work, internships, opportunities etc, but also to try to work out which type of employer is the best fit for you.

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