The Civil Service – Fast Stream or otherwise……

When thoughts turn to careers and what to do next after university, many PPLS students give at least a passing thought to a career in the Civil Service, in particular their flag-ship Fast Stream, and many investigate in much further detail. With a range of opportunities, including

  • HR
  • policy work
  • Social research
  • technology
  • European Fast Stream

…..and more, there’s something to suit the whole range of PPLS skills  and knowledge base.

And now is your ideal opportunity to do that further investigation, as the Civil Service Fast Stream are putting on a session down at the Scottish Government offices in Victoria Quay, Leith, next week, Weds 16th. Its open to all, though you do need to sign up – you’ll find more info and the sign-up link on the Careers Service website.

So sign up and find out more – direct from current  Scotland and London-based fast streamers (including generalists (e.g. policy), economists, social researchers or EU specialists).  They will talk about:

  • their work, the variety of postings, and what they actually do on a day to day basis
  • their experience of the application process and assessment centre.

plus answer all your questions via a Q&A session.

And if it’s the HR Fast Stream you’re specifically interested in (relates nicely to occupational psychology……….though the range of PPLS skills will also be useful (take a look at Katie’s case study – from philosophy and English, she’s now with HR at Standard Life) ……..then you get an extra bite of the cherry with a special HR session! Go along to their lunchtime presentation tomorrow (11th Oct) Insight into HR with the Civil Service – get the lowdown on the job and how to get into it.

However, it’s really important to remember that most grads (approx. 90% of them) who work in the Civil Service, do NOT go in via the Fast Stream, so all is not lost if you dont! Many grads have very successful careers in the Civil Service via entry level positions or temping. Read our booklet ‘ Civil Service – where do I start?‘ to find out more, and browse all our information on careers in public sector administration – from central to local government, health service management, education sector and more.

You’ll be surprised at the opportunities you overturn once you broaden your career research on the Civil Service Fast Stream.

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