Rewards and Awards for work experience…..

….got a part-time job? Apply for your place on the Edinburgh Award (work experience) now!

If you’ve spent much time on my blog (see Tag Cloud to right of screen), or talking with me about careers, or sitting in on  my career sessions, you’re likely to have come across the phrase ‘work experience’, and know how much I promote it for a variety of reasons:

  • gaining essential experience to get into certain career areas – eg clinical psychology, educational psychology, publishing, teaching, media-related….
  • enhancing insight into different careers – what they’re really like, rather than how they appear on the page, or film, or TV – so you can see whether reality matches expectation and you really want to pursue a career in this area
  • developing generic skills and general experience  which will be useful indicators of your potential to future employers.

To help you squeeze the most out of your work experience – we are currently accepting applications for the Edinburgh Award (Work Experience) which will feature on your HEAR when you graduate.

Sign up for this if you’ve currently got a part-time job  – participation in the Award will help you to become more aware of your role and impact at work, and the opportunities it offers to develop skills for your future.

As one recent participant put it –

‘It is unlike anything you’ve ever done before, and the entire process will change you.’

So rise to the challenge, and apply for the Edinburgh Award now (CD 25th Oct).

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