A year in the (career-planning) life of PPLS masters students …..

You’re here to study an aspect of your favourite PPLS subject, you’re absorbed, fascinated by your studies, the year will go soooo quickly…… and then what?

That gaping black hole in your future which appears out of nowhere File:Black Hole Milkyway.jpgwhen you lift your head from your books, log off from your laptop?

Or are you planning for your future now? Instead of the gaping hole, will you have a clear path – or at least a selection of paths to explore?

To save yourself from the black hole, you need to start planning NOW – if you haven’t already – even more important if you’re an international student hoping to work in the UK after graduation.

First things first – plan your time – take a look at the career-planning time-line for Masters students,  – what you should be researching and thinking about, and when, in the academic year. Then follow the pointers below:

  • Review your broad options with your Masters – from progression to a PhD  (find out more about PhDs at Edinburgh via the session being run by IAD  on 14th Nov ) – to entering the job market.
  • research options with a philosophy, psychology, linguistics degree, and explore the relevant subject-categories at the right hand side of this blog
  • Make sure you’re familiar with how the job market works, how to search for jobs –  it can be very different for different occupational areas.
  • Know how to market yourself, and your new qualifications, as effectively as possible for the direction you chose, whether it be further study or employment.
  • If you’re an international student – check out our resources specially tailored for you – whether you want to stay in the UK on graduation, return home, or to a different country. Get the low-down on visas, and the job and further study markets in the UK and abroad.
  • For career-related information, advice and support in person, come and see us at the Careers Service, 3rd Floor, Main Library Building

So avoid being sucked into that black hole, and take charge of your future direction today.

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