Did you get to the BAFTAs?…….if not never fear, your summary is here…

As regular readers of this blog will know, I posted recently about our BAFTA event, which went off very successfully last week – and thanks to all the 200+ students who turned out in the rain and wind to listen to our panel of experts, then chat (and network!) over drinks in the bar.

As mentioned in my recent post, careers in film and TV appeal to students from across the school of PPLS, so if that’s you, and you missed the event, I’ve written a brief summary of the key points for you to read here BAFTA event .

And even more relevant for an event about careers in Film and TV, our film of the event will be on general release shortly – just keep watching this blog!

And if it’s the visual effects area ( as represented by Joanna Dewar Gibb of Artem at our BAFTA event) that really grabs your attention, then you’ll be interested in the VFX Festival currently taking place in London 4-13th Nov – an opportunity to attend preview screenings, industry workshops, and take part in some all-important networking with industry professionals (or at least to read all about it if getting down to London is a journey too far).

For information, advice and further links for all the different roles in Film and TV production, don’t forget to check our comprehensive online information.

Finally, if it’s more the Festival and Events side of the Film Industry that you’re interested in, a ‘heads up’ that most paid and voluntary positions at Edinburgh’s own International Film Festival EIFF will be advertised on their website from January 2014. (The one exception,  already advertised, is for Submissions Assistants who provide support  for the selection of EIFF films by processing applications from filmmakers from all over the world).

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