Apply yourself to your applications…………….

It wont have escaped the attention of any final year student (or penultimate looking for internships), that it’s open season for applications at the moment. Whether it’s the online application for a graduate trainee position, a speculative CV and cover letter for an opportunity in Film and TV (see summary of the BAFTA event in recent post), a personal statement for Postgrad study, or any other sort of application you can think of…….the same principles apply:

  • research thoroughly – the job/course, employer/institution  – plus some self-analysis – of your own experience and skills
  • make the connection between your own experience, skills and enthusiasms and the position/employer/course you’re applying for.
  • accuracy and clarity – spelling, grammar, (see BAFTA event write-up on how important this is) getting the name of the organisation right (yes, many do get it wrong, driving employers mad and sending your application straight into the bin!). Plus make it easy to read – use headings, bullet points, short paragraphs etc to break up large chunks of text.
  •  ‘Be a Star’ when facing competency questions on themes including teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, communication, initiative etc

For more on the art and craft of successful applications, check out all the support available via your Careers Service:

So apply yourself to those applications now, using the resources above to support you along the way.

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