Sustain your career with philosophy…..

As I’ve blogged previously – a degree in Philosophy can lead you anywhere (including specific examples of recent philosophy grads in media, HRPolicy Work,  Legal Profession,….to name a few ), depending on how you want to use it, in combination with your own personal skills, , circumstances, interests and enthusiasms.

I recently watch the Careers Service video, filmed at  our Careers Fair Third Day:More Than Profit event, on careers in environment and sustainability, and was very interested to discover that our sustainability officer here at Edinburgh, Caro, has a degree in Philosophy. Listen to her talk about her career path to date –  how via a degree in philosophy, a ‘Green’ student society and allotment, volunteering in environmental and sustainability areas, plus a PG course here in Environment, Culture and Society, she has developed her career in sustainability. (start at 5.30 mins to go directly to her initial input).

And for more on the whole range of careers in the area of environment and conservation , and Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethical Careers, take a look at our online information, or call into the Careers Service to browse our hard copy information.

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