Career.Ed, our relaunched Career Planning Programme, and artist Grayson Perry ….spot the connection!

Just what is the connection between artist Grayson Perry and our new career planning course, Career Ed, you may well ask!

Well, I’ll try to show you how I connected them recently whilst listening to Grayson Perry’s latest Reith Lecture on BBC R4.

Answering a question about his career path from a student at Central St Martins school of Art at the end of his lecture, Grayson talked about the need for a ‘Plan B’ when thinking about your future direction.

Luckily for him, his Plan A (to become an artist) worked out (even if it did take him till he was in his late 30s to make much money from it.) However, he did stress the importance of having a ‘Plan B’ (his was to be an advertising creative), when considering your future, in case ‘Plan A’ doesn’t come off.

We’re all more versatile than we sometimes think, and with our range of skills, abilities and interests, we have the capacity to be content in a range of different career areas, so Careers Advisers are always keen on exploring Plan B with students, as well as Plan A.

And now to the final link in the chain of connection from Grayson to our new online course Career Ed (I hope you’re still with me on this!).  Making use of  this newly revamped resource, (browse the Self Enrol Catalogue in Learn for Career Ed to get started) can help you sort out your Plan A, B, C…..etc. Via a range of different activities it will take you through the process of planning for your future:

  • Thinking about yourself – what’s important to you, what you’ve got to offer
  • researching the opportunities
  • deciding what career ideas you want to explore further
  • making the transition from where you are now to where you’d like to be, via experience, applications and interviews.

So get started on your Plan A via Career Ed, if you haven’t already, and follow Grayson’s sound advice and make sure you also consider your back up Plan B etc too.

For more on Career Planning – check all our resources here, and talk through your ideas, or lack of them, with a careers adviser at the Careers Service, or in the School.

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