Tap into ideas for publishing, writing, film and a whole lot more via IdeasTap

Browsing through information about what Edinburgh PPLS grads go on to do when they leave us, I frequently come across mention of publishing-related roles and courses, and not just for LEL grads either – across the whole of the school. And some make it into film-related areas too (read Amy and Ryan’s stories in via their case studies on the PPLS website).

So if you are also interested in a creative career – including publishing, writing, film etc, then you may be very interested to explore IdeasTap!

So just what is IdeasTap?

It’s a charity that supports creative people through opportunitiesfundingarts jobs and career development, and also a thriving community with more than 120,000 members. It’s free to join and only takes about two minutes to sign up.

It focuses on several different areas of the creative industries, including

As it says on the site – ‘IdeasTap is a big site with a hell of a lot of options’ – which include

  • Jobs postings
  • briefs and funding for a wide range of creative projects
  • opportunities to network and find project-partners

……..and so much more – even a ready-made blog for you if you sign up to the site.

So if you’re interested in any of the above creative areas  – and judging from what PPLS grads do after graduation, a fair few of you are – then take a good look at this site.

I was led there by a writing/journalism opportunity from the Scottish Book Trust (another great resource for publishing and writing) and found so much more. See just what you can find.

And for more on publishing, writing, film, TV and media careers, take a look at all our resources on our website.

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