‘Careering through Christmas’ 2

As with films, if something’s good, it’s worth repeating! So here’s a very similar message to one I posted this time last year! (You just cant get too much of a good thing….!?)

The end of semester and the year is nigh, the festive season is almost upon us, time to celebrate certainly, and also a good time for reflection – and resolutions. Once the parties are over, presents shared,  Christmas fare devoured, this is a good time to sit down and think about where you are heading during your studies and beyond.

Whatever academic year you’re in, it’s good to reflect on where you’re at with thinking about your future, and what you can be doing to further your progress. If you need help getting started, use the timeline in our Careers Service Guide, or read the Year by Year information via our website for inspiration on what you should be doing, and when.

And if you’re bewildered by the vast amount of careers information out there and need a bit of help making sense of it all – take a look at our video, for a walk-through of our resources.

So, enjoy the rest, relaxation and festivities, and then get down to some serious post-Christmas career-reflection and resolutions, to get some more experience, investigate more career options, research different types of employersvacancies, improve that CV, hone your interview skills – whatever works for you at this stage.

This is my last post for 2013, so farewell till 2014, enjoy the break, respite from studies, and your festivities, and I’ll look forward to being back in touch with you all in semester 2.


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