Broadcast journalism and beyond….plus a Sneak Preview of a Very Special Event……

As a career area which would utilise your ability with language, your research and communication skills, and more,  journalism is a career idea which many LEL students in particular find interesting to explore, though grads from across the school of PPLS can be found in this industry.

And if it’s broadcast journalism you’re particularly interested in, then the BBC is usually the employer which first springs to mind with students and graduates. The eagle-eyed among you will be aware of their current vacancies for trainee broadcast journalists. So if you’ve got some experience via student, hospital, local radio etc, are passionate followers of the news via radio and TV, and competent with social media, this may be a scheme for you. Though you’ll need to hurry, closing date is Monday 10th Feb.

However, there’s more to broadcast journalism than the BBC, though they are the organisation which usually first springs to people’s minds. To investigate other ways of getting a foothold in this area, check out our online information on journalism in general and broadcast journalism in particular.

And use your time at university wisely to gain all the experience you can which will stand you in good stead for the future. Try developing your skills and experience via:
◾student radio – Fresh Air
◾any of the student publications – The Student, The Journal, Nomad etc etc
◾hospital radio – check our volunteering info for organisations which can help tracking this down
◾approaching local radio or news production companies for experience. Use our online journalism and broadcasting resources for contacts, and our advice on finding unadvertised internships to help you with your approach.
◾follow broadcasters/publications you’re interested in via social media – keep a look out for any opportunities posted – get inspiration from student success with this approach
◾come and see us at the Careers Service if you’re drawing a blank – talk to our informative information staff for information on this career area , or the adviser team for advice on strategy.

And the Very Special Event…. for anyone with an interest in Print or Broadcast Journalism, PR or Digital Media?

Put this date in your diary now – March 5, 13:00 – 15:30 Appleton Tower LT2 – your chance to hear it from the experts, network and make contacts……

Networking, panel discussion and Q&As.

Hear about some of the different roles and career opportunities in Media featuring speakers with experience from
the BBC,
◾Sky News,
◾Material UK,
◾Scotsman Publications
◾the Media Trust.

Not to be missed! Find full detail on our website soon!

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