Get Creative with our new Creative and Cultural Careers Event……..

CCCF POSTERRemember last week when I gave you a sneak preview of our new Very Special Event……….?

Well – it’s all out there now – on Facebook, Twitter and with its very own website designed by our students.

Take a look – this is a wide-ranging week-long event covering many areas of interest to PPLS grads – marketing, media, publishing, film and TV, are some of the main themes that spring to mind.

But as you don’t need reminding, you’re a versatile lot, and end up in so many different career areas, so take a look at the whole range of events for ideas and inspiration, including……libraries and archives, galleries and museums, games industry….and more.

Remember – it’s often not your degree knowledge that employers are looking for, but your transferable skills, and your experience gained along the way via volunteering, interests etc, as well as via paid work and internships.

So make a date in your diary now for all the events that interest you – and keep up to date via Facebook and Twitter. This is your opportunity to find out about and network with people in a wide range of Creative and Cultural Careers.

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