Contemplating a PhD in Psychology – read before you apply…..! (advice also pertinent to other subjects……..)

I’m very grateful to my colleague who happened upon the web pages of Alex Wood, an Honorary Professor of Psychology at Manchester, as well as being a Professor of Psychology at Stirling, amongst other things! He has written very thought-provoking advice for anyone considering a PhD in psychology via his blog.

Taking you through from the consideration stage, to application and advice on how to complete and succeed, via funding, finding the right supervisor, ensuring you publish etc he gives ample food for thought for anyone considering this as an option on graduation.

He doesn’t pull his punches, stresses the need for high academic achievement, the virtually-inevitable mid-PhD crisis, the need to publish, the competition etc, . He does however, also point out the wide potential to use your PhD in areas other than academia – as long as you make the connection between your skills as a researcher and project-manager and the job in question clear to employers – and don’t rely on the ‘I’m a doctor, hire me’ formula.

And for anyone considering clinical psychology as a career, he also makes a good case for getting a PhD in psychology as a route to getting a place on the clinical psychology course.

Whilst stressing his advice is tailored to psychology PhDs in the UK, he also adds – ‘students in other fields should use this guide as “food for thought” being an example of how things occur in another field, which can be useful in comparing and contrasting with discipline and country specific advice given by trusted postgraduate research tutors and supervisors.’

So read on for all his advice – it could just be what you need to help you with your decision, application and direction when contemplating a PhD.

And also check out all our resources for researching if further study is for you too.

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