Marketing your PPLS and other skills and experience to graduate employers – at an interview.

‘when you consider your PPLS courses, don’t just think about the grades you achieved in the end, but the new skills you gained along the way…….The most important thing I learned to do when trying to market myself to employers was to effectively evaluate and pitch the general, transferable skills studying my PPLS subjects had given me’. recent PPLS gradinterview

At a recent session I prepared  (and tried to deliver, though from a 26-student sign up, no-one actually materialised at the given time, though thank you to those who did let me know in advance of your absence) on interviews for PPLS students, I stress the need to make sure you can articulate fluently what you’ve gained from your degree. As ably illustrated in the quote above, (and to garble another well-know phrase)

it’s not just what you know, but how you know it that matters!

Plus then being able to relate those skills to the job you’re applying for.

You can read through all the PowerPoint slides –  Marketing your PPLS degree at interview. The key messages, as with anything to do with trying to secure a new job, whatever stage in life you’re at, are:

  • Research – the role, the organisation, the sector, your application, your motivation, your evidence
  • Preparation – what to wear, where you’re going, anticipate questions, consider responses
  • Practice – nothing beats verbalising answers; attend interview workshops, get friends to ask you questions, book a practice interview at the Careers Service,  use our online software to record an interview, talk to yourself in a mirror – they will all help…..

I’m also uploading the materials I produced for the role-play interviews:

You’ll find the ‘rules of engagement’ for these role-play interviews on the slides – get together with a friend and practice!

And make use of all the other resources mentioned in the PowerPoint slideshow to ensure you market your PPLS and other skills effectively at a graduate interview.

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