Work in Europe – for the EU………

I’m often asked by students about opportunities to work abroad. This is a big question of coEU Flag 175 x 116urse, with no one single answer – it will depend on:

  • what type of work you want,
  • where you want to work (visas can be a big issue)
  • your language skills,
  • whether you plan to work abroad on a temporary or permanent basis
  • your motivation

etc etc, as to just how easy or otherwise this may be.

One place where the visa isn’t an issue (though language skills may be!) is in the institutions of the EU – and they will be on campus next week to promote their opportunities, and answer your questions.

Some of the opportunities on offer with the EU are well suited to PPLS graduates including entry-level positions in general policy or project management roles and communications, as well as more specialist opportunities with languages.

PPLS grads make good policy and communications people, and LEL combined with languages, is a great background for interpreter roles. Read some recent examples of PPLS grads working in these areas, (though not actually for the EU)

To find out more about all the roles available to recent grads in the EU, how to maximise your chances of success, and get your questions answered, come along to our

European Union Careers Event

EU Flag 175 x 116

Weds 19th March, 2-4pm, George Square LT (sign up required)

David Bearfield, the Director of EPSO (European Personnel Selection Office), along with staff from EPSO will be presenting the variety of opportunities available. It’s also your chance to ask questions about the recruitment process and what it is like working in an EU institution.

If you’re interested in attending, sign up and find out more via our website.

And for more information about working for the EU, check out our online information via our website.

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