In case you missed…’Life beyond your PPLS degree’….

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With a great range of speakers from across the PPLS subjects, students who made it to the event last night were treated to informative and interesting insights into some very diverse paths since graduation.

There was Katy from Standard Life talking about her route from HR trainee to in-house Public Affairs Consultant (where you start your career is not necessarily, or often, where you end up!) and her occasional need to kick her bosses under the table when they start to go ‘off message’ in meetings!

Then there was Nic,  insight analyst with dunnhumby exhorting students to ‘do stuff’ – get involved with societies, volunteering, vacation work etc as well as study, to show future employer what you can do, and see what you enjoy and are good at.

Rachel inspired us with her tale of a trip to the Careers Service which resulted in her reading our wee book ‘You Want to be What?!’ on ‘left field’ careers, which resulted in her starting her career in translating popular culture, (and if that leaves you non-the-wiser, take a read of her case study in the downloadable booklet at the end of this post!)

Then our very own Lee, admin assistant here at the Careers Service, not only de-bunked the myth that ‘admin is boring’ (echoed by Elsbeth later in the programme), but also talked about his creative approach to ‘career’. Well placed for a career in journalism with experience on the student newspaper and with the commercial press, he decided he wanted his own editorial freedom, so set up his own online journal Post, and funds himself via his (non-boring) admin position here at the CS!

Rachel talked with passion about her role as a primary teacher and depute head, and the relevance of her psychology both to working with children, managing a team of teachers, and working with parents! Though she didn’t pull her punches on the work-life balance of a teacher and the mountains of bureaucracy involved.

Ryan, currently working on our Widening Participation project here at the university was also keen to advise students to get involved and gain experience outwith studies, use the Careers Service (always a good one!), and to take advantage of opportunities which come your way, as he has done with his current position.

And finally, there was Elsbeth in Events Administration  with Integrity International Events (again stressing that admin needn’t be as ‘boring’ as it sounds), who found her position by networking, and was a keen exponent of this as a way to find information and opportunities.

If all this has whetted your appetite to find out more, download the Life Beyond … programme 2014  – you’ll be able to read all their case studies in full.

And for yet more inspiration, you can read case-studies from previous years via the PPLS careers web pages.

So, your PPLS degree can take you in so many directions – be inspired by recent PPLS graduates above, follow their advice for working out your starting point after graduation, and make use of all the resources on offer at your Careers Service.


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