Spread your wings – go abroad…………..

globalHaving had several videos appear in my inbox promoting the advantages to students of going abroad, and being aware that to ‘go abroad’ is part of the Edinburgh University’s Going Global plan, I though it may be time to post on this subject, and let you know about our resources for helping you to ‘go global’.

So what are the advantages of going abroad? Well, they are many and varied, and could include the following –

  • new experiences, different approaches, different cultures, broadening your perspective
  • new challenges, personal development, broaden your friendships and networks
  •  ‘put something back’, if volunteering abroad, earning whilst learning, if working abroad
  • developing and demonstrating new skills and personal qualities to impress future employers, and provide evidence for all those questions on a theme of ‘Tell me about a time when you…….’

To see what Scottish university students say about their experience of work and volunteering abroad, take a look at this YouTube video

So just what can you do abroad? Well that will depend on what you want to do, what you want to get out of it, and your stage in your university career. Opportunities include:

  • volunteering
  • holiday work
  • study
  • starting your career abroad.

You’ll be aware of exchange opportunities to study abroad as part of your degree, and possibilities for further study abroad on graduation .

And a couple of teaching opportunities crossed my desk recently:

  • TEFL: A recent Edinburgh grad guest-blogged about the language school he set up in Spain, and encouraged all PPLS grads with an interest in teaching/languages/working with people and gaining international experience, to think about exploring options with  TEFL – take a look at his post if this sounds interesting to you.
  • Chatteris: And in recent years, over 30 Edinburgh grads have gone to work in Hong Kong with the Chatteris Foundation (the eagle-eyed among you will have spotted the promotional email sent round to PPLS students recently). If exploring a new culture and teaching in Hong Kong sounds like your kind of challenge – take a look at their video.

Of course it’s not just about teaching – the opportunities are legion – explore further via the International Opportunities section of our website to uncover opportunities to suit you.

Plus, take a look at the University’s Go Abroad pages – whether it’s volunteering, paid work, learning a language, or even finding funding to finance your international experience, you may just find what you’re looking for here.

Bon Voyage!



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