Secrets of successful interviews…..

…..Preparation and Practice!interview prep

I’ve blogged on this before, but on the principle that you cant have too much of a good thing, I’m giving this topic another airing for a couple of reasons:

  • as vacations and graduations loom, many of you will be facing interviews in the near future.
  • we have some new resources for an emerging form of interview – the video/recorded interview

If you’ve got yourself invited to interview, you’ve already proved yourself on paper – that you know:

  • what the job’s about,
  • what the organisation does and where it sits in the sector,
  • that you have the potential to do this job well.

Now you have to repeat all that ‘in person’!

As well as repeating all your research into the job, organisation and making connections between your skills, experience and interests, (having evidenced all that convincingly in writing – you wouldn’t be invited for interview if you hadn’t!), you’ve also got to be convincing in speech and action. And this is where the even more preparation and practice comes in!

Added to our web content on differing types of interview,

  • competency
  • case study
  • technical
  • telephone

….we now have more resources to help you with this new breed of interview – using skype, video recording, YouTube etc

Check out all our advice on effective use of these media, and get in some practice via Interview Simulator – available on the careers tab in MyEd.

And last but by no means least, use your Careers Service to hone your interview skills via a Practice Interview

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