Exams and post-exams parties over…..? What next?

what nextIf you’re a final year student in that limbo-land between final hand-ins, exams etc and your graduation ceremony, you could be feeling a mix of emotions – relief, excitement, anticipation, plus sadness at an ending, trepidation, anxiety, fear of the future. You’re likely to experience all of these, and more, in varying proportions, depending on your situation.

If you’re one of the well-organised people who sorted out their next steps in advance and have a job/course/plans for the summer lined up, well done! Enjoy this next stage in your life.

If your future plans are much less certain  – and this can happen for a  variety of reasons:

  • the career area you’re interested in doesn’t recruit in advance (eg many sections of the media, voluntary/charity sector etc)
  • you need to gain more experience to move on, and have yet to sort this out
  • you decided to concentrate on your studies and leave thinking about your future till after final exams
  • you just never got round to thinking about life beyond your studies…..

…….etc etc

– then the Careers Service is still here to support you now, and for 2 years after graduation, whether you’re in Edinburgh or further afield.

We offer support:

  • in person – come and talk to us at the Careers Service, or when I’m out and about in the School – I’ll be running my drop-in sessions all through the summer
  • on line – via our comprehensive website – take a look at our video (scroll down to ‘Watch Our Short Film’) to see all the support we offer online
  • and via email for information queries, and Skype and telephone for application feedback, interview practice and guidance appointments, if you’re outwith Edinburgh and unable to visit us in person (just phone our reception on 0131 650 4670 to sort out a mutually convenient time )

To get you started, consider which of the statements below best describes your current situation relating to your future plans, and follow the links and ideas for relevant support;

No ideas about your future direction?

  • Take a look at our ‘Figuring out your career’ resources – a variety of different online resources and courses to suit the way you work.
  • Read our leaflet ‘No idea about Your Career?’ to tap into all the different resources we have to support you
  • Browse the relevant sections of the PPLS careers support web pages to find out what you can do with your particular degree, read case studies of what recent Edinburgh grads from your course have gone on to do, and more……

Some ideas – need to do more research/gain experience?

  • Browse our Guide to Occupations pages  – packed with information, relevant web links and vacancy sources, Twitter lists etc on all the different occupational areas that grads go into
  • Take a look at our Internship and Volunteering information to discover ways to gain relevant experience
  • Use the Tag Cloud on the right of the screen to explore previous posts on a wide range of occupations relevant to PPLS grads.

Know what I want to do – need support with finding opportunities – vacancies etc

  • Use our ‘Looking for Work’ resources to find advertised vacancies throughout the UK and beyond
  • Use the Guide to Occupations information to find vacancy sources relevant and specific occupational areas
  • Consider speculative applications if you’re keen to get into work in an area where this is the norm – eg much media-related work, publishing etc.

Need support with my CV, applications and interviews

  • Use our online resources, including CV podcast, videos and downloadable leaflets
  • Browse the Applications and Interviews category on the right of the screen to find previous posts on CVs, Applications and Interviews – look in the older posts too.

Hopefully you’ll be celebrating your first step on your future path in the near future, as well as the end of your current studies. Do keep in touch, (write a comment on this blog, or email us at careers@ed.ac.uk) and let us know how you’re getting on, we’re always happy to help you celebrate your success, as well as support you on the journey.


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