Walking the tightrope – your work-life balance

work life 2Emails from  HR Grapevine pop into my inbox on a very regular basis, and the latest one in particular caught my attention, with a headline about work-life balance. According to findings from job website Indeed.com, Google heads the list of employers offering the best work-life balance for its employees, with technology and charity organisations – such as  Sony Electronics, British Heart Foundation, British Red Cross and Oxfam – all making it into the top ten.

Work-life balance isn’t always something people think about when they’re considering their future options, though it can make a huge difference to your quality of life. And just what you’d like your work-life balance to look like may be different from others. You may like strictly defined boundaries between work and other parts of their life. For others, their work is their life and they don’t mind the hours they put it in as they find it so stimulating. And some appreciate flexibility so wont mind working irregular hours, as long as they can also get time off when they need it, to compensate.

Different employers and different types of work have different cultures and attitudes to this, and many other aspects of work, so it’s useful to reflect on what works best for you, and seek out employers and employment that works in the most congenial way for you.

This is just one aspect of you and your relationship with the job market for you to be thinking of. You’ll find many other aids to self-reflection in our online programme Career Ed (which I’ve posted on before) including:

  • What do I value in a job?
  • What sort of lifestyle appeals to me?
  • skills I want to use in the workplace

….to name but a few.

So if you’re trying to think about your fit with different careers and the workplace, take a look at our resources now to help you Figure out Your Career.

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