There’s more to PR than you may think – something for everyone in PPLS in fact …..


I was recently alerted to some interesting internships with Golin PR company in London, (with closing date of 13th Aug for September start, so you’ll need to be quick if interested!) and on looking at the type of internships on offer, it struck me that here was something for everyone studying PPLS subjects.

The strategist had to be comfortable working with data and analysis and insights, fascinated by consumer behaviour – ideal for psychology grads with their grasp of statistics and interest in behaviour

The digital intern – helping to deliver engaging online campaigns and experiences and having an interest in design and content generation. The logical thinking developed through the study of philosophy could be very useful with all things digital, and LEL grads, with their language skills for content-generation

The account handlers – supporting changing needs of clients  – with excellent communication skills, ability with language and great organisation – skills developed by most graduates, though LEL students may be particularly suited.

The media intern – for anyone with a passion for news and its impact

And if you look at where Edinburgh PPLS grads have gone with their careers (check via LinkedIn or read the PPLS case-studies) – you’ll find plenty working in advertising, marketing and PR roles.

Of course these areas are not limited to PPLS grads, (and you may be interested in any of the above roles – or none – regardless of what you studied) they’re for grads of any discipline with a passion for working in this area. However, your subject areas may also be developing extremely useful skills to give you an edge in this field.

And to explore these career areas in more detail, check out all our information on Advertising, Marketing and PR.




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