Philosophy – spread the word via working in multi-media….

philosophy jobs

It’s not that often that opportunities with a specific philosophical bent come along (though your degree is a great preparation for so many different career areas – see below).

However, whilst browsing opportunities on our all-new CareerHub this week I turned up  some great opportunities for internships, trainee positions and graduate work with  iai (The Institute of Arts and Ideas).

Organisers of the ‘How the Light Gets In’ philosophy and music festival at Hay (do I hear references to Leonard Cohen lyrics here?), and offering TV and news channels on philosophy, science, politics and the arts – working with this organisation is a great way to combine your love of philosophy with multi-media work.

Check out all they have to offer via the iai website, or on MyCareerHub (search iai).

And for more on just how far and wide your philosophy degree can take you, take a look at case studies of recent PPLS philosophy grads, read about:

  • their career paths since graduation,
  • how their degree works for them in the workplace,
  • their advice for current philosophy students.

and more…..

And check out the careers information for philosophy students via the PPLS website.


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