Developing your career in International Development …..

developmentI blogged recently about how a career in PR had something for everyone in PPLS.

Now, whilst reading a piece in the Guardian about the need for charities and NGOs to up their digital and media presence, I realised once again that their were roles for all PPLS grads in this area too.

Roles mentioned included:

  • Web editor – want to use your English Language skills?
  • Data expert – put your psychology stats skills to good use
  • Multi-media producerphilosophy grad Ryan will testify to how useful he’s found his philosophy degree in this area
  • Social media editor – anyone with an interest in blogging, tweeting, Facebooking etc to help raise an organisation’s profile – were you responsible for this for one of the student societies/as an intern/your own use…..?
  • IT programmers – philosophy teaches logic, and programmers use logic…….

Of course, although I’ve made the most obvious connections, the roles above are not in an way restricted to the degree subject to which I’ve assigned them. Most of these roles will be open to ‘any discipline’ grads. And you’ll need to be able to demonstrate interest in development and charity work in general, and an aptitude for the role you apply for in particular, from your experience as well as your degree-subject.

Read the full Guardian article to discover more about the expanding role of Social Media in Development work, and the opportunities available.


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