Service design – a career to engage your psychology and creative skills………..

Service desgner(image IDEO, London)

Whilst browsing through my latest email from Creative Futures, I was struck by a job profile of a Service Designer a job about enhancing the way customers experience services.

Not having come across this job title before I was curious to know more. The role of a Service Designer is:

  • observing and researching users
  • understanding the business, using techniques such as mapping the customer journey
  • prototyping and testing a proposed new service
  • helping users to make changes

Now some of these activities sounded like things a psychology grad might be interested in and know a thing or two about, as well as design grads.

So I was delighted to see that not only is this an area open to design students, but also to psychology grads with an interest in design. And if you were interested but felt your design-skills might be a bit lacking, there are PG courses available in this field too.

Service designers work for a range of different employers, including:

  • the NHS
  • businesses, such as airlines or telecoms companies
  • a Government organisation or local authority
  • charities.

So if this has got you interested and you want to find out more, take a look at the full job profile of a Service Designer here.



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