We’ve updated our Social Media content – have you?

Does your social media  footprint reflect who you are?



If you’ve dipped into my blog over the past your, you’ll know I’ve posted on the rising importance of social media as a tool in your career-planning toolbox. And also stressed the importance of ensuring you keep your social media presence working for you positively, rather than coming back to haunt you.

To ensure we practice what we preach, here at the Careers Service we looked at our content on effective use of Social Media, and have significantly updated it to reflect its growing importance in career research and job-hunting.

Still unconvinced that this is something you need to consider seriously?

Have a guess, how many students and recent graduates worldwide now have a LinkedIn profile?

Over 39 million and they are LinkedIn’s fastest growing demographic.

How about employers?

LinkedIn report that there were over 5.7 billion professionally-oriented searches carried out on its site during 2012. More than 3 million companies have LinkedIn profiles. (Source: http://press.linkedin.com/about)

And many organisations from all different sectors now use social media in recruitment, sometimes exclusively.

Some people take to using LinkedIn and Twitter in their career planning like the proverbial ‘duck to water’. Others are less sure. If you’re someone who finds researching careers and marketing yourself via social media a little daunting, our updated information is here to smooth your path.

First off, as I mentioned at the start of this post, we’ve new content on using social media at www.ed.ac.uk/careers/social-media , with sections specifically on how to use LinkedIn and how to use Twitter.

Plus we’ve included an example student profile of a University of Edinburgh student to give you ideas, and a sense of how good your student profile could look.

And don’t forget to use our Twitter lists for different occupations and job sectors. If you know what area you’d like to work in, use the sector lists linked from our Occupations pages for inspiration on who to follow.

The University’s also running a ‘Managing your digital footprint’ campaign for 2014/15 to raise awareness among staff and students about managing an online presence effectively. There’ll be activities, talks and workshops running throughout the year with the aim of helping you to create a positive digital footprint.

And remember you can talk to a Careers Consultant or a Careers Information Adviser about using social media for your career. Or come along to one of my School appointments sessions to discuss your strategy.

Sometimes it’s still good to talk to someone face-to-face – even if it is about your digital profile!


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